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Intercambio Cultural “We are Young, Active, Employable” del 7 al 14 de diciembre de 2013 en Turquía


La Asociación Juvenil OportunidadEuropa busca 1 participante menor de 25 años del 7 al 14 de diciembre de 2013 para el Intercambio Cultural “We are Young, Active, Employable”.

El proyecto tendrá lugar el en la ciudad de Ilgaz, cerca de Ankara (Turquía).



The Project will be held in Turkey, between 17 November and 24 November 2013, with 30 participants from 5 countries.

Type of the Project is Action 1.1 Youth Exchange which focuses on the theme of prevention of youth unemployment.

It is planned by that way of this theme that young people from different countries will come together and do group work, and they will share national regulations and –if available- examples of good practice in 5 different countries on the subject.


Furthermore, it is aimed to be integrated more successfully in social and economic life of young people by providing entrepreneurship education. Non-formal education techniques and group activities will create methods of the project. People from different countries will develop their sense of tolerance and understanding for different cultures by working together.

In addition, young people will improve their attitudes of active citizenship with their studies and their methods used in these studies.


Overall objectives:

  • Promotes solidarity and promote tolerance among young people.
  • Creates a mutual trust environment to break prejudices and in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union.
  • Increases the information about EU Youth in Action Programme and promotes young people to participate this programme.
  • Reinforces the sense of active citizenship of young people.
  • Increases young people’s problem solving competencies.
  • Be integrated more successfully in social and economic life of young people by providing entrepreneurship education.


Specific Objective:

Providing to put more effort for struggle with poverty and marginalization and for social inclusion of disadvantaged young people by developing active citizenship of project participants. 

The proposed activities will be carried out in Ankara University’s hotel in Ilgaz, Kastamonu.


70% of travel expenses will be reimbursed after providing as with all requires invoices and originals of tickets, and all accommodation and food costs will be covered for the duration of the project. Para participar en este Intercambio Cultural se tendrá que ser socio/a de la Asociación Juvenil OportunidadEuropa


Si te interesa esta oportunidad envía tu Curriculum Vitae a: con el asunto “Ilgaz”

Para saber más sobre los intercambios culturales consulta el siguiente enlace.


Enlaces de interés: Programa Juventud en Acción







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