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Training Course “Design your job” en Serbia del 26 abril al 5 mayo


¿Te gustaría participar en un Training Course en Serbia? Ahora tienes la posibilidad de participar del 26 de abril al 5 de mayo 2013 en Vrbas (Serbia).


  • Name of the project: “Design your job
  • Dates: 26.04.2013. – 05.05.2013. (travel days included)
  • Venue: Hotel Backa-Vrbas near Novi Sad


The main goal of our training course “Design your job” is to improve and increase knowledge, learning methods and experiences of participants, which they can use in everyday work with unemployed young people and for inclusion in active local community life.


Idea of this project is that participants gain the necessary knowledge and skills of basic web design techniques that will be used in their further work with their beneficiaries. In this way, unemployed young people will get more opportunities for finding job.

Each one of them is going to be given a chance to express him-self or her-self and to participate in making final product of our activities which will be presented on the last day of training course.


Final product of our training course is creation of design your job web page. This means that participants together with an assistance of trainers will create a brand new web page. On this web page every partner / country will have his own page/sheet. Obligation of participants / partners is to fill up that page with his own information (activities of organization, programs etc) and to maintain / refresh that page at least 1½ month. On that way participant will exercise knowledge and skills that he / she gained on TC.


Off-course participants will have help / assistance of trainers after TC maximum month and half more, to be sure that everything is going smoothly.


Los/las participantes tendrán que pagar el 30% de los gastos de transporte.

Además los/las participantes tendrán que ser socios de la Asociación OportunidadEuropa (la cuota anual es de 30 euros, consulta el siguiente enlace para ser socio/a).

El programa Juventud en Acción se ocupa del 70% de los gastos del viaje y del alojamiento y la comida.


Si te interesa esta oportunidad envía tu Curriculum Vitae a:






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